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Health and Safety Policy and Procedure 

Emergency response


The Office manager will be responsible to confirm if a dangerous situation poses a health or safety threat to students and employees. Once the emergency is confirmed he/she will take into account the safety of the institute community before issuing the notifications. If in the office manager’s professional judgment the notification or content of the notification will compromise efforts to assist a victim or to contain, respond, or otherwise mitigate the emergency the notification will not be issued.    


The content of notifications will be determined at the discretion of the office manager.

The entire Institute will be notified when there is at least the potential that a very large segment of the institute will be affected by a situation, or when a situation threatens the operation of the institute as a whole.


Upon the confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or employees occurring on the campus the institute will immediately call the local emergency authorities and notify the campus community by:

1. Informing the school director, instructors, and staff of the emergency situation in person or via phone call.

2. Sending a text message to the students affected. Students must provide their cell phone number and carrier name at the time of enrollment to subscribe to text alert notifications.

3. Posting bulletins on building entrances and exits.


Following are some examples of immediate threats to the health and safety of students and employees:

· Approaching of extreme weather conditions

· Gas leak

· Terrorist incident

· Armed intruder

· Bomb threat

· Explosion

Accident/Incident Investigation

We will conduct an investigation for all accidents/incidents and near misses.  Our primary goal of conducting an investigation is to determine the “root cause” to prevent the risk of a future occurrence.  Investigation reports can help determine injury and illness trends over time so that patterns with common causes can be identified and prevented.  Investigations are not intended to place blame. Proper agencies will be notified of any accident or incident at Montana Barber Institute. These agencies may want to conduct their own thorough investigation.

*Due to Covid - 19, all students, prospects, & clients will have their temperatures checked prior to entering school and ensure to be 6ft. of one another at all times. Students and clients will only be allowed to have masked off when conducting services that require masks to be removed. Once service is complete, the student and client must put masks back on.*


Evacuation Procedures


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