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18 weeks program

Open enrollment

tuition:$ 14,300.00


Montana Barber Institute's primary mission for the Instructor Program is to train the student in the basic teaching skills, educational judgments, proper work habits, and desirable attitudes necessary to pass the State Board examination and for competency in entry-level employment as an Instructor or related career avenue.



Montana Barber Institute seeks to implement its philosophy based on providing programs designed for student achievement at Montana Barber Institute, they are as follows:

  • Discipline is based on structured training to achieving a standard of excellence in the process of becoming license. 

  • Professionalism is becoming proficient in every aspect of life, especially in the field of Beauty and Barbering.

  • Montana Barber Institute's vision is to train every student to become an astute entrepreneurs and business professionals. 

Educational Objectives

Upon completion of the program requirements, the determined graduate will be able to:

1. Project a positive attitude and a sense of personal integrity and self-confidence.

2. Practice proper grooming and effective communications skills and visual poise.

3. Understand employer-employee relationships and respect the need to deliver worthy service for value received.

4. Perform the basic skills necessary for teaching including writing lesson plans, performing lectures and demonstrations, directing student projects, using library resources and audio-visual aids, conducting theory class instruction and measuring student achievement, supervising clinic operations, and maintaining required student records.

5. Apply the theory, technical information, and related matter to assure sound judgments, decisions, and procedures.



The Curriculum to prepare a licensed barber for the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation examination for the Registered Barber Instructor License will consist of 750 hours to include the following:



Instruction in theory consisting of 175 hours:

· Lesson Planning                                                                                          15 hours

· Personality and professional conduct                                                     15 hours

· Development of a barber course                                                              15 hours

· Student learning principles                                                                       10 hours

· Principles of teaching                                                                                 35 hours

· Basic teaching methods                                                                             35 hours

· Teaching aids                                                                                              10 hours

· Testing                                                                                                         10 hours

· Self-evaluation                                                                                            10 hours

· Teaching adults                                                                                          10 hours

· Classroom problems                                                                                   5 hours

· Classroom management                                                                             5 hours

Instruction in practical work, consisting of 575 hours:

· Assisting with students                                                                            350 hours

· Theory class (assisting teacher, observing, teaching)                                 150 hours


· Learning office procedures and state laws                                                50 hours

· Grading test papers (assisting teacher, observing, grading) grading) 

 25 hours



Instructional Methods

Education is provided as a set of learning steps to achieve the skills necessary to graduate, pass the State Examination, and be employed in the field. Students will follow the Milady’s Master Educator Text Book and the Instructors are guided by the Milady Course Management Guide Lesson Plans. Subjects are presented by means of lectures, instructor demonstrations, and student participation (student projects). 

* Note*  The Milady's Barber Textbook is repeatedly taught in its entirety at a minimum of 2-3 times within the 4 1/2 months Period.




In addition, the student instructors will demonstrate their level of competency through the completion of required classroom and clinic student teaching activities. Audio-visual aids (DVDs, slides presented in the classroom, etc.), guest speakers, field trips.

Grading Procedures

All students must keep a cumulative grade of at least a “B” (80) in order to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress. The grade will be an average of the practice and theory work. Cumulative grade refers to the grades since the start of the program.




Written tests will be graded according to the following scale:

                                          100 - 90                A               Excellent

                                           89  - 80                B               Good

                                           79  - 70                C               Satisfactory

                                           69  - 60                D               Unsatisfactory

                                           59  - 50                F               Failing

                                           49 - 0                    I               Incomplete



Practical and clinical work will be graded as follows:


                                           100 - 90               A               Excellent

                                            89  - 80               B               Good   

                                            79  - 70               C               Satisfactory

                                            69  - 60               D               Unsatisfactory

                                            59  - 50               F                Failing

                                             49 - 0                  I                Incomplete


One (1) written test is given at the end of each chapter to determine academic progress, and at least two (2) comprehensive practical tests are given during the program of study. If a student misses a test or fails an assignment they can be made up by making arrangements with an instructor as to the date and time. Minimal test grades for makeup work must be 80 or B.


Practical grading procedures will be handed out for each program. See Test and Assignments

Job Opportunities

Barber Instructor national salary

These are a few of the job opportunities the graduate student will have once they get licensed:

· Salon owner

· School Owner

· School Manager

· Instructor for the Class A Barber and Cosmetology Operator to Class A Barber Programs

· Barber / Beauty supply store associate

· Barber / Beauty supply distributor

· Product Developer

· Product Representative/Consultant

· Product Educator


Barber Instructor Tools and Equipment

Each enrolled student shall acquire the tools and equipment in support of their program. Students will be issued a leased tablet that has the eBook downloaded and the Kit is to be purchased no longer than 7 days after the enrollment to be delivered to the student. A student who fails to purchase the tools required within the 7 days, will not perform any services.  Statement of acknowledgment for Media Device


  • Milady’s Standard Barbering Textbook

    • Textbook​

      • ISBN-13: 9781305100558​

      • List Price: $149.95 USD




Montana Barber Institute provides the student with all implements and electrical tools. This is to ensure that electrical tools are used on our clients or other students, that adjustments are set accordingly to protect the clients from incurring injury during service. Students are not allowed to make any adjustments to the electrical tools. A student may take their tools home yet in the event they do so, no adjustments are to be made to the electrical tools.

        Please click here to view the supply list.


Educational Objectives
Instructional Methods
Job opportunities
Barber Insrtuctor Tools and Equipment
Grading Procedures
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