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Re-Entry Policy

Re-entry Policy

Students who desire to re-enter Montana Barber Institute after withdrawing and have not been terminated for non-compliance with the school rules and policies or Unsatisfactory Academic Progress may do so at any time within a 48-month period following the date of withdrawal or termination at the current tuition rate.

The student must first submit the proper documentation before the procedure can begin. The document is as follows:


  • A copy of the student’s birth certificate

  • Social security card

  • Driver’s license or ID

  • Documentation showing that the student has completed 7th grade or above must be provided to complete the registration process.

  • If enrolling in the Barber Instructor Program; a copy of current Class A Barber License must be presented,

  • if enrolling for Cosmetology Operator to Class A Barber Program, a copy of the current Cosmetology License must be provided. 

  • Transfer students and Re-Entry students must provide the necessary documentation upon enrollment. 

A student who chooses to use MyCAA funding 

Once the necessary documents have been obtained the process will begin by the administration as follows: 


  • A student's financial arrangement/contract agreement with the school must be signed. If the student will be making a payment arrangement then an additional form must be signed. (Enrollment Agreement Addendum-Payment)

  • The Barber student Permit application along with the $25 Fee(which is non-refundable) will be processed.

  • The Enrollment Agreement form is agreed upon and sign. 

  • The student will be given the Refund and Cancellation Policy to read and sign.

  • A Disclosure Agreement will be given to the to read, be agreed upon, and sign.

  • The Program Outline will be given to the student to read and sign.

  • The Attendance, Progress, Grievance Policy along with The S.A.P. Policy will be given to the student to read and sign.

  • The Rules of Operation and Student Conduct Policy will be given and sign.

  • The student Sanitation procedures will be given to be read and sign.

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